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Rivka & Zvi Tenenbaum

Yadin, son of Rivka and Zvi Tenenbaum, seventh generation in Israel, began studying flute at age 11. Yadin was a recipient of scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and prizes from the Israel Conservatory of Music.

Upon his enlistment, Yadin was offered a position in the IDF Orchestra, but chose combat duty instead. On the eve of October 7th, 1973, Yadin was stationed near the Suez Canal as a tank gunner.  He fell in action at the age of 19 in battle against Egyptian tanks, and for his outstanding courage, he was decorated posthumously with the Exemplary Conduct Medal.

Despite his young age, Yadin left a considerable musical bequest of recordings, including solo and ensemble performances of classical works and more recent music, originally compiled in a recording produced by Hed Artzi in 1975 and released on CD in 2013.

The composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, upon hearing Yadin's biography, wrote the nocturne "Halil" in his memory for solo flute and orchestra featuring strings, percussion, piccolo and alto flute. Since its premiere, in Tel Aviv in May 1981 by the Israel Philharmonic under Bernstein's direction with soloist Jean-Pierre Rampal, the work has been performed by many prestigious orchestras and soloists throughout the world (in Boston, New York, Mexico, San Paolo, London, Edinburgh, Seville, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Jerusalem to name only few).


Yadin Tenenbaum


"Flutist" in memory of Yadin Tenenbaum
by Israel Prize honoree Batia Lichansky

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