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Music is a passion. You probably already know this, since you’re watching this. I have been sharing this passion through teaching, since I was 18 years old. It is hard to describe the sheer joy of hearing a student of mine play well.

I wish these videos will help you too, until we meet in person.

MyFlute Founder

Eyal Ein-Habar

Sitting in the concert hall, listening to my students, I am more nervous than when playing or conducting on stage myself. Over the years, I have collected a number of approaches to help my students solve different playing difficulties. From these, I have designed a teaching method for flute playing that combines the knowledge I received from my own teachers together with the fruits of my own learning process and that of my students. For my generation, books and recordings were our main sources for learning and expanding our knowledge. Today, with the growth of different internet platforms, a book simply isn’t enough — nor does it have to be. A video can provide students, pupils, teachers, and flute lovers with the clearest and most accessible explanations about what they can do in order to fully enjoy their playing experience and, hopefully, resolve any issues that may arise. I encourage you to watch slowly and patiently. The messages in this course of instruction need to be fully absorbed by the mind and the body.I hope this book and its videos will help guide you along your long journey of learning and playing. You are welcome to share your comments and suggestions, and help us create a platform for a community sharing a love for playing the flute, and playing it well, to grow.

Please take your time, and enjoy the way.



Eyal Ein-Habar

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