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MyFlute On Demand

Chapter Five | Flute Literature

You can purchase the whole chapter in one video for a discounted price.

Length: 87 minutes

Main Composers
I. W. A. Mozart: 00:00
II. J. S. Bach: 17:18
III. G. Ph. Telemann: 32:15
IV. C. PH. E. Bach: 43:11

Musical Principals
I. Pitch & Time: 47:49

II. Phrasing: 52:36
III. Inner Upbeat: 55:41

IV. The "M-Effect": 58:19

V. The Swing Motion: 1:00:00
VI. Polyphony: 1:02:02
VII. Colours: 1:04:25
IIX. Flow: 1:07:29

IX. Dynamic Levels: 1:09:37
X. Freedom: 1:11:27
Orchestral Repertoire

Fundamentals & Specifics: 1:14:53


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